Guest Lecture by Dr. G. Anitha

    The Dept. of Viscom PG organised on July 17th thrusday, a guest lecture on resent trends in Advertiing.Dr.G Anitha, Asst. Professiro of NagarjunaUniversity attented the seminar as the resource person.
Dr. Anitha expressed that the main task of adverting is branding to the product or the service. The loecture went on the two sessions as the 1st section focused on the basis oof Advertising industry and various techiques in print and electronic adverting while the second section mainly focus on the current trends on advertising and the carrier prospects a nd the levels of industry.
        In the intrective sesseion conducted at the end of both lectures, the resource person gave satisfactory responsed the clarity doubts .the students of 1st and 2nd year M.Sc Viscom attended the seminar. The program is suoervised by the Rev Fr Rex Anjelo facaulty members of the Visual Communication Dept. Mr. T. Raja Kumar and Mr. John.

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